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Saturday, 27 August 2011

If at first you don't succeed...

Whilst many heroes of the Belgian Grand Prix reside in the 60s and the era of the ferocious Masta Kink, there is an individual in recent years who has become a legend in his own right. Step forward Jacques Villeneuve, the (sometimes) master of Eau Rouge.

 One of his less successful attempts at negotiating the hallowed corner.

OK, so he's had his fair share of shunts there. But it is this resilience to carry on nailing it even after having more than his fair share of big offs that sets him apart from the rest. His continued determination to stick it through Eau Rouge 'flat or else' has endeared him to motorsport fans around the world. The very embodiment of the right stuff.

 The best save ever? Even if not, "New pants, please!"

Friday, 26 August 2011

Probably the only two-wheel action you'll ever see here.

Just look at that. Complete disregard for the suspension or even trying to avoid punctures, here John Cleland shows how two wheel action should be done. Few have come close the awesomeness of riding the kerbs like Cleland did. Only in BTCC would you find a racer who can compete with him for the title of King of Two-Wheel Terror. Step forward Gabriele Tarquini.


The attatched video has added win via the delectable Mr Murray Walker. Bless him.

So who has it...and who doesn't?

This isn't about success. It isn't how many races they won, how many trophies they hoisted aloft on a podium, or how often they appear in adverts. This blog is to honour those that had the cojones to compete in motorsport and show something that little bit extra special. Those that drove a dog of a car and managed to get it to punch above its weight; those that snatched glory from the most adverse of positions; and above all, those that drove the nuts off a vehicle for no other reason than they were blessed with the talent to do so. So there will be familiar names here, and some that might not be. But whoever they are, they all share a common bond. They all have it.